About Us

Over 60 years ago in the town of Campodarsego located close to Venice, two Italian friends decided to find a way to indulge their innate passion for fine food. Using their exquisite handcrafting skills, they began designing high quality ovens for commercial kitchens of the local cafes and restaurants and thus ILVE was born not just as a brand but as a way of life.

Now after rigorous innovation and revolutionary design, ILVE is the essence of culinary finesse, boasting some of the highest quality kitchen appliances in the world. To this day ILVE remain family owned and operated, and with each oven and cooktop still intricately hand assembled by master craftsman, ILVE is bringing the art of cooking to every corner of the world.

Since 1984 the ILVE range of quality cookware has been distributed throughout New Zealand and Australia. In 2004 Maximus Trading Ltd commenced trading and continued to import this unique brand of Italian hand crafted product to the passionate home and professional cooks of New Zealand. With a myriad of freestand and built-in oven choices, and now dishwashers, coffee machines and accessories, this once
humble brand has become a highly sought after market innovator and leader.

ILVE's exquisite range of home cooking appliances is available at all leading Electrical Appliance retailers and specialist stores Nationwide.